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Feb 8, 2017

Gif heritage with Sally McKay. Kiera Boult is the wizard of Canada's Brooklyn. The first movie star is from Hamilton.


Kiera Boult is a performance artist and retired stand-up comic.

Sally McKay is an artist, curator and assistant professor at McMaster University. She helped run the now-deceased art magazine Lola, which was famous for its "shotgun" art reviews by non-writers.

Florence Lawrence was a Hamilton-born silent actor who arguably became the first movie star. You can find some of her movies on Youtube.

Shirley Hughes is one of the co-founders of the Toronto Silent Film Festival.

The music on this show is by the band Zena.


This episode was recorded at Mills Hardware in Hamilton, Ontario.

Feb 1, 2017

Artwork goes missing. A film hits an impasse. An artist feels stuck. They turn to fortune teller Cindy Mochizuki for guidance.


In addition to being a go-to fortune teller for artists, Cindy Mochizuki is herself an artist based in Vancouver. Her work spans from animation to sculpture, incorporating themes of history and memory. Her short films have screened around the world.


Every artist on this episode makes incredible work that you should check out. We have links on our website,


Abbas Akhavan works in installation, drawing, video and performance. That work of his in The Guggenheim is called "Study for a Monument."

Amy Lam is one half of Life of a Craphead, who host a livestreamed performance night called Doored. They made the movie Bugs, "a satire about bug society and its most powerful family."

Walter Scott is a multi-disciplinary artist and creator of the Wendy comic books. You can hear a full interview with him on The Imposter episode 10, "Happy Lucky Accident Stories."

Sojourner Truth Parsons is a painter who has exhibited work around the continent. There's a great profile of her in Canadian Art, where you can see a lot of her paintings.

Nadia Belerique makes installations and works with steel. Her website looks like a xeroxed zine.


Music on this episode:

That funky electronic track at the beginning of the show is "Sage" by Man Made Hill.

Additional music is by Carl Didur.


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Jan 25, 2017

Jess Salomon makes her comedy Great Again. Bruce McDonald goes to Washington. PJ Vogt lives inside a Weakerthans song. BJ Snowden loves Canada more than Canadians do.


Jess Salomon used to be a UN war crimes lawyer. Now, she's trying to get some regular comedy gigs in New York. She has videos of her stand-up on her website.

Bruce McDonald is a filmmaker whose movies include Hardcore Logo, Highway 61 and Roadkill. His newest movie, Weirdos, will be in select theatres across Canada this spring.

PJ Vogt hosts a podcast called Reply All. In one episode, he micro doses on LSD at work and in another he explores One Direction conspiracy theories.

BJ Snowden is a songwriter living in Massachusetts. She writes songs about Canada, but also things like working as a school teacher and Judge Joe Brown.


Music on this episode:

"Sailin' On" by Haolin Munk.

"One Great City!" by The Weakerthans

"In Canada" by BJ Snowden.


The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Additional contributions on this episode from Katie Jensen and Chandler Levack. Follow us on Twitter: @IMPSTR / @aliyapabani . Visit our webiste:

Jan 18, 2017

Whether he's talking about a book that changed his life or just his favourite brand of chips, author Pasha Malla approaches subjects with deep thought and insight. So we invited him on the show to talk about some of the stuff he's been into lately. Here are his picks:


  • The novel After James by Michael Helm.
  • Living Hour, a psychedelic band from Winnipeg and their song "Seagull."
  • The band Fake Palms from Toronto. Pasha picks the song "Melatonin."
  • The face of basketball player Andrew Wiggins, who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Follow us on Twitter @IMPSTR / @aliyapabani
Find links to work by the artists on today's show at

Jan 11, 2017

Performance artist Cassils talks about setting themselves on fire, having their image banned in Germany and making out with Lady Gaga. Find images and videos from their work at


Music on this episode:

"Move Like a Mystic" by A l l i e.

"Slipping Away" by Diana (Bad Channels remix).


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Dec 28, 2016

Tanya Tagaq is an Inuk throat singer. Her new album, Retribution, came out October 21st on Six Shooter Records. @Tagaq

Lauren Strapagiel is the social news editor for Buzzfeed News Canada. She’s written for the National Post, Montreal Gazette, and the Edmonton Journal. @LaurenStrapa

Allan King’s 1967 documentary Warrendale is recognized as a groundbreaking documentary about a Toronto group home for “emotionally disturbed” kids. Andrew Moir looks into the lasting impact of the film on its subjects’ lives. You can watch the whole movie online.

Nicholas Godfrey the man behind Amazon reviewer Mister Quickly. The Observer called his character “One of the Great Wits of Our Time.” Read Mister Quickly’s reviews here.

Matt Johnson is an acclaimed filmmaker, actor, and enfant terrible behind the cult webseries-turned-Viceland show, nirvanna the band the show with co-conspirator @JayMcCarol. He has a real knack for sneaking around; his upcoming film Operation Avalanche was shot inside NASA without their permission, and most of his body of work deals with real people who aren’t acting. Operation Avalanche will be in theatres on September 16th.

Music on this episode:

"Sexe Machin / Sex Machine" by Jef Elise Barbara, a Montreal synth pop musician who first began performing as Jef and the Holograms. Jef recently released their 7″ on Montreal label, Fixture Records. Listen to Sexe Machin / Sex Machine.

"Paradise" by Daniel Caesar, a Toronto-based singer-songwriter. His EP Pilgrim’s Paradise was primarily recorded in family living room of producer Jordan Evans. Listen to Paradise by Daniel Caesar featuring BADBADNOTGOOD and Sean Leon.

Dec 24, 2016

 Lido Pimienta is a singer, songwriter, and visual artist from Baranquilla, Colombia. Her highly-anticipated follow up album, La Papessa has been artfully remixed, and can be listened to here. @LidoPimienta

Geoff Siskind is a documentary filmmaker and Storage Wars Canada showrunner. @GeoffSiskind

Rap Master Maurice will revenge rap Jonathan Goldstein or any of your other enemies for $17. If you want a friendly rap, it’ll cost you more. 

Esie Mensah is a dancer and choreographer who has worked with a range of recording artists including Janelle Monae, Nelly Furtado, Jully Black and Shawn Desman. She’s the director of The Black Stars; a coalition of afro-influenced dancers that mixes traditional with contemporary movement, and she teaches classes at City Dance Corps. Here’s Esie on Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. @EsieMensah


Music on this episode:

"La Capacidad (Kaleema Remix)" from Lido Pimienta's LA PAPESSA Remixes Volume 1. Listen to the album on Soundcloud.

“Mary Poppins’ Pockets” from New Fries’ album More. Find their music on Bandcamp.


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Dec 21, 2016

"I don't want to joke about my own anxiety. The world is just under a dark cloud right now." Comedians Chris Locke and Kathleen Phillips reflect on the role of comedy in troubling times, and how to stay positive after the birth of their first child.


Chris Locke and Kathleen Phillips are comedians and, more recently, parents. Chris does stand-up and hosts the podcast Utopia To Me? In one episode, he talks to comic book artist Chip Zdarsky about how The Hulk is actually a homicidal menace. Kathleen currently acts on the shows Mr. D. and Sunnyside. You can watch full episodes of Sunnyside for free on Youtube.

Chris' Twitter: @chrislockefun

Kathleen's Twitter: @kathophillips


Music on this episode:

"theBOODEELAAbegins," "naturalhigh - imsogladigotmyown," and "ourstories-nowlike-anopenbook" by BUDI from the album bIGbUDiSbABYbUMPvolIone.


The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Follow us on Twitter: @IMPSTR/@Aliyapabani. Our website is
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Dec 14, 2016

Owen Pallett turns collaborators into clients. A machine writes a love song for Aliya.


Owen Pallett's latest album is In Conflict. He won the Polaris Prize for his album He Poos Clouds, released under the name Final Fantasy.

Neural Karaoke is an AI program that turns pictures into songs. Its iconic Christmas anthem has been making the rounds latelyHang Chu works on the project, along with Raquel Urtasun, and Sanja Fidler at the University of Toronto's machine learning lab. Find the songs it wrote for us at our website,


Music on this episode:

"Infernal Fantasy" and "On a Path" from Owen Pallett's album In Conflict.

"None Of You Will Ever See a Penny" from Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett)'s album Has a Good Home.

"Tiberius," by Daphni and Owen Pallett


The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Follow us on Twitter at @IMPSTER/@aliyapabani. 

Dec 7, 2016

Leanne Simpson learns to work with the noise. Scrabble opens deep wounds in Delhi. Golboo Amani unsettles Catan.


Leanne Simpson is a writer and musician. Her new album from is called f(l)ight. 

Golboo Amani is an artist who hacked Settlers of Catan with her "intervention pack," Unsettling Settlers


Music on this episode:

"Under Your Always Light" and "Caribou Ghosts and Untold Stories" from Leanne Simpson's album f(l)ight. "Smallpox, anyone" and "Ishpadinaa" from her album Islands of Decolonial Love.


The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Follow us on Twitter @IMPSTR / @aliyapabani.

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