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May 24, 2017

For two weeks in 1974, the CBC broadcast ten hours of field recordings from across the country on their flagship documentary show, Ideas. The recordings were collected by a group of twentysomething composers and a famous avant-garde acoustic ecologist. They were trying to capture Canada through sound. On this episode, composer and scholar Mitchell Akiyama asks whether that’s even possible.


Find some of this compelling work at

May 17, 2017

Guy Delisle's new comic Hostage isn't the typical kidnapping story, full of torture and guns. The book uses minimal colour and slow, repetitive action to pull you into the psychology of Christophe André, who spends most of the 400+ pages alone in a room.


Artists at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival talk about the charged experience of trading work. The artists recommended in the piece are:


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May 10, 2017

Darcy Spidle uses a jaw harp to play his insides. Aisha Sasha John studied clown to become a poet.


Music on this episode:
Selections from malform by Chik White
"Tired Ariadne" by Old Girl


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May 3, 2017

This episode initially aired on October 19th, 2016.

We blur the line between reality and fiction with this homage to WireTap.

Jonathan Goldstein is the former host of CBC's WireTap. He now hosts the podcast Heavyweight on Gimlet Media.

Rap Master Maurice will revenge rap Jonathan Goldstein or any of your other enemies for $17. If you want a friendly rap, it'll cost you more.

Joshua Karpati didn't want us to tell you anything about him.

Howard Chackowicz is a cartoonist and musician in Montreal. He wants you to know more about The Ren & Stimpy Show's creator John Kricsfalusi. 

Billy Mavreas makes comics and poetry. He runs a curiosity shop in Montreal called Monastiraki

Additional music on this show came from WFMU's Free Music Archive:
Proton Beat by Gangi
Kosmiche Slop by Anenon

Apr 26, 2017

On last week's episode, we featured Jonathan Rotsztain, a comic artist who makes idiosyncratic comics about his job handing out Metro newspapers at subway stations. His goal was to get them printed in Toronto's Metro, so that he could get paid to distribute his own work to commuters. We asked for your help, and although he didn't get into Metro Toronto, something even stranger happened.

You can still support Jonathan by tweeting @metrotoronto with the hashtag #hurtjae demanding that they publish Jonathan’s metro comics. Follow jrotszta on Instagram and tag @metronewsca in the comments.


This interview originally aired on January 11th, 2017

Cassils is a performance artist living in Los Angeles. Watch a video about their performance Inextinguishable Fire, in which they set themselves on fire. Here's the 1969 Harun Farocki film about napalm that influenced the work.

Here are some images from "Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture" featuring the image that was banned in Germany.

Watch the video for "Telephone", where Cassils is seen making out with Gaga. Read the article about it in Out Magazine, "Heather Cassils: Lady Gaga's Prison Yard Girlfriend."


Music on this episode:

"Move Like a Mystic" by A l l i e. Listen to more of her work on Soundcloud.

"Slipping Away" by Diana (Bad Channels remix). Listen to more of Diana's work here and more by Bad Channels here.


Apr 19, 2017

Jonathan Rotsztain distributes newspapers for Metro Toronto, and makes comics about it. His goal is to get his comics about the Metro printed in the Metro, so that he can have the pleasure of distributing his own artwork on the job.
With your help, we can achieve this goal together. 

Tweet @metrotoronto with the hashtag #hurtjae and demand that they publish Jonathan's metro comics! Follow @jrotszta on Instagram and tag @metronewsca in the comments! Look at Jonathan's website!

Music on this episode:
"So Far So Cool" and "Bright Future" by Peter Kalyniuk.

Apr 12, 2017

Century Egg composes Chinese pop songs by Email. And a war is brewing in the Canadian art world. It's a war of loverz, haterz and haterzhaterz.


Century Egg makes Chinese pop music in Halifax. They just wrapped up a mini-tour of central and eastern Canada. They talk about their peculiar approach to writing music. River God, the title track off their latest release, was written in 20 minutes, while singer Shane Keyu Song and guitarist Robert Drisdelle waited for their rice to finish cooking.


Anonymous meme accounts have started a war in the polite, Canadian art scene. @CanadianArtWorldHaterz’s memes call out artists and gallery owners across the country, tackling issues of representation and power imbalances in the art world. @CanadianArtWorldHaterz quickly spawned reaction accounts, including @CanadianArtWorldHaterzHaterz and @CanadianArtWorldLoverz.

Sholem Krishtalka of Toronto’s infamous critical art zine, Art Fag, reflects on his days writing his own anonymous, and whether anything's changed.


Music on this episode:

"River God," "All This Unpleasantness" "Sunshine Realise" and "Day That Didn't Exist" by Century Egg

"Never Trust a Storyteller" and "Inter-Mission" by Obuxum. Find more of her music here.

Apr 5, 2017

Sabrina Jalees knows the work side of comedy. She's been doing standup since she was a teen and has been on TV almost as long. But she's still waiting for that dream job.

She talks to Aliya about her long game and how joking about being Muslim has changed since her early, post-9/11 days.

You can catch Sabrina this week on the Just For Laughs Roadshow in Markam, Milton, Burlington or Kingston.


Music on this episode:

"Haberdash" by Phèdre.

"St Lucia" by Bernice.

Mar 29, 2017

Comedian Fatima Dhowre recounts her many near death experiences and breaks down her first comedy set.


Fatima is performing at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival April 6th to 9th.

Betty Lambert was a writer based in Vancouver. Crossings was the only novel she published, but she also wrote plays, radio plays and short stories. That piece featured the voices of writers Anakana Schofield and Claudia Casper, Betty's daughter Ruth Lambert and Betty's sister, Dorothy Beavington. Thanks to Lee Beavington and Arsenal Pulp Press for their assistance.

Mourning Coup is the musical project of Chandra Melting Tallow.

Brad Ross is a man who knows Chad Kroeger


Find links to more of their work at


Thank you to CIVL Radio and the podcast Cited for bringing us to the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, where this show was originally performed.

Mar 22, 2017

A ten-year-old leads the revolution on Youtube. An interview with two child screenwriters goes badly. A dad and daughter review Mac DeMarco's old band.


Sceneable is a Youtube channel by a ten-year-old from Quebec named Dylan. He vlogs about things like communism, women's rights and growing fish.

Cave Small Cave Big is a surreal short film that was written by Madeline Lee Harker and Adelaide Shwartz when they were five. It was directed by Joële Walinga. Follow Cave Small, Cave Big on Facebook for updates about upcoming screenings, currently planned for Brooklyn, Albuquerque, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Contributors: DandD Listens, Katie Jensen


Music on this episode:

"Slush Puppy Love" and "Heat Wave" by Makeout Videotape.

The Cave Small Cave Big music comes from the film's soundtrack, written by Carl Didur, Thom Gill and featuring "solo" by Madeline Lee Harker.

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