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Feb 22, 2017

Folk songs from a 19th-Century asylum for women, collected by the alter ego of Simone Schmidt.


Simone Schmidt performs as Fiver. Her new album, Audible Songs from Rockwood, is a collection of songs based on the mid-19th century archives of the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane, complete with contextual liner notes by her ethnomusicologist alter ego, Simone Carver. The album is out April 21st.


Songs on this episode, all by Fiver:

"Pile Your Silver"

"Stable Song"

"Worship the Sun (Not the Golden Boy)"

"Carry on Warm"


The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Find links to some of this work at our website:

Feb 15, 2017

Emily M. Keeler listens to one song seven times a day, goes on Instagram and ends up in the Twilight Zone, and looks for gopher holes in poetry.


Emily is vice president of PEN Canada and editor of the Exploded Views series from Coach House Books. She also founded Little Brother Magazine. She recommends you check out:

  • Naomi Skwarna's Instagram account.
  • The essay "Mind No Mind" by Jia Tolentino.
  • Rupi Kaur's poetry book Milk and Honey.
  • Jana Prikryl's poetry book The After Party.
  • The song "I Wish" by Skee-Lo.

Emily's Twitter: @emilymkeeler


Find links to these people's work on our website,

Feb 8, 2017

Gif heritage with Sally McKay. Kiera Boult is the wizard of Canada's Brooklyn. The first movie star is from Hamilton.


Kiera Boult is a performance artist and retired stand-up comic.

Sally McKay is an artist, curator and assistant professor at McMaster University. She helped run the now-deceased art magazine Lola, which was famous for its "shotgun" art reviews by non-writers.

Florence Lawrence was a Hamilton-born silent actor who arguably became the first movie star. You can find some of her movies on Youtube.

Shirley Hughes is one of the co-founders of the Toronto Silent Film Festival.

The music on this show is by the band Zena.


This episode was recorded at Mills Hardware in Hamilton, Ontario.

Feb 1, 2017

Artwork goes missing. A film hits an impasse. An artist feels stuck. They turn to fortune teller Cindy Mochizuki for guidance.


In addition to being a go-to fortune teller for artists, Cindy Mochizuki is herself an artist based in Vancouver. Her work spans from animation to sculpture, incorporating themes of history and memory. Her short films have screened around the world.


Every artist on this episode makes incredible work that you should check out. We have links on our website,


Abbas Akhavan works in installation, drawing, video and performance. That work of his in The Guggenheim is called "Study for a Monument."

Amy Lam is one half of Life of a Craphead, who host a livestreamed performance night called Doored. They made the movie Bugs, "a satire about bug society and its most powerful family."

Walter Scott is a multi-disciplinary artist and creator of the Wendy comic books. You can hear a full interview with him on The Imposter episode 10, "Happy Lucky Accident Stories."

Sojourner Truth Parsons is a painter who has exhibited work around the continent. There's a great profile of her in Canadian Art, where you can see a lot of her paintings.

Nadia Belerique makes installations and works with steel. Her website looks like a xeroxed zine.


Music on this episode:

That funky electronic track at the beginning of the show is "Sage" by Man Made Hill.

Additional music is by Carl Didur.


The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Kevin Sexton. Follow us on on Twitter @IMPSTR / @aliyapabani